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Unity Optimization: Memory And Loading Times

Every developer should be concerned with Unity memory optimization.

There are those developers who say memory is not really important, as RAM is not a bottleneck nowadays.

You see, RAM capacity is indeed increasing nowadays. But as memory increases, developers take the opportunity to add more content.

In other words: game developers are always proudly pushing the boundaries of the hardware.

While it's hard to reach the memory limits at the beginning of a project, you're likely to meet them at a later stage.

And it is these later stages where memory issues hurt the most:

  • Crashes
  • Lost save-games
  • 1-Star reviews
  • Refunds

I've seen it all.

And here's a thing that most game developers miss...

Increased memory usage is often linearly related to painfully longer loading and install times. And here's the thing players don't have this decade: time (nor patience).

I have found useful in all my projects to divide memory management in two areas:

  • Reduce memory usage
  • Reduce garbage collection

If you need my help in massively optimizing the memory management of your game, here I am to aid you.


A great place to start reducing your memory usage and loading times is to look at the Benefits Unity Addressables will give you. If you saw the potential of using Addressables in your project, you can then start with my Unity Addressables Tutorial. That will get you started optimizing memory usage.

If you're serious about optimizing memory, reducing loading times and decreasing build sizes, then I suggest you to enroll in my Unity Addressables Course. This course will give you invaluable knowledge and tools I gained over my career that you can leverage in all your projects.

Garbage Collection

Over your career you might encounter problems with garbage collection that you cannot solve through conventional methods. A third party library, for instance, might be doing a massive pile of allocations you have no control over. Give this post on Unity Manual Garbage Collection a look to add a new tool to your arsenal.

Coaching & Consulting

Lastly, nothing will help you grow faster than 1 on 1 coaching.

If you'd like to apply for my coaching and/or consulting, I frequently have a free slot. Apply here.

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