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Unity Optimization: User Interfaces (UI)

​UI is easy to design in Unity. And it looks good out of the box.

But do you know about its hidden cost?

In a word: performance.

You see, it's easier than ever to create a well-polished UI with Unity. But unless you really know the under-the-hood details, you're most likely adding a motherload of CPU, GPU and memory overhead.

It only takes a few clicks. Or visiting the wrong tutorial. Or reading the wrong blog.

And then your performance is completely messed up.

Even worse, you won't be able to identify the real issue so easily.

That's why after years of developing games in Unity, I decided to help you, my fellow game developer, improve your Unity UI Performance.

I'll help you avoid little-known mistakes that I used to do when I was only developing for a few years.

But you and I know that mistakes are unavoidable. That's why I'll also put focus on measuring, identifying and fixing the enormous bottlenecks UI can produce.

To be more specific, this is about:

  • Reducing UI Draw Calls
  • Eliminating Canvas Rebuilds
  • Decreasing UI Overdraw

Let me show you around...

A great place to start is to read my Top 3 Optimization Strategies for High-Performing Unity UI. That article covers several ways you can approach the design of your UI to achieve great performance.

But no matter how you try to avoid performance issues, you'll always come across canvas rebuilds.

Do you know what canvas rebuilds will do to your performance?

Well, find out at How dare you break my batches, Unity?

Coaching & Consulting

Lastly, nothing will help you grow faster than 1 on 1 coaching.

If you'd like to apply for coaching and/or consulting, I frequently have a free slot. Apply here.

Send me an e-mail at [email protected] if you have any questions.

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