January 24 2023

How I Get to Work in AAA Games

It’s really no rocket science. I just:

  • Study hard. Back then, BA in computer engineering. Now, everything that needs studying.
  • Read from my reader’s perspective for everything I write. Code, documentation. All has to be easily understandable.
  • Teach others so I can master what I learn.
  • Review the code of my colleagues and my consultants.
  • Get my code reviewed especially by those who know better than I do.
  • Listen carefully to what developers say… to understand what they mean.
  • Estimate my work accurately in “Person Days”.
  • Spend time finding out what others truly need of me.
  • Take (financial) responsibility for any wrong estimates.
  • Talk specifically instead of vaguely.
  • Improve my coding skills daily.
  • Improve my communication skills daily.
  • Give unrequested, candid feedback to others.
  • Request candid feedback from others constantly.
  • Constantly look for ways to help others: clients, managers, employees.
  • (Human) networking. Tons of that.
  • Favor producing over consuming.
  • Cut unnecessary distractions, incl. phone, trolls, haters and freebie seekers.
  • Honestly say when I suck at something, e.g. 3d modeling.
  • Honestly say when I f*ck up something.
  • Plan my day, daily.
  • Work my plan, daily.
  • Feel the fear and code it anyway, e.g. impostor syndrome.
  • Build my brand (TheGameDev.Guru) based on my strengths (Optimization).
  • Deliver the features people ask for.
  • Deliver the features people don’t ask for… but need.
  • Build long-term relationships with my clients and colleagues.
  • Document my work so others can take over it and appreciate the scope of my results.
  • Force others to document their work.
  • Demand a compensation proportional to the value of my work.

If you want to become part of my Unity team when any opening pops up, apply here.

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