August 22 2022

Performance Taskforce Getting Yet Another Game Developer Hired

I just got this OP email from Performance Taskforce member Sourav:

Hey Ruben,

I have been raving about the new job offer that I was interviewing for, for a while, and quite recently cracked. I finally signed the contract earlier this week. I think now that I have accepted the offer, and decided to join the team, I could reveal the name of the company.

The job is from Unity Technologies. The team I will be joining is Accelerate Solutions. The location will still be in Europe (thankfully).

I am currently on a self-imposed notice period of 2.5 months at ****** games. I am helping them to find a replacement in all ways that I could, and will onboard the new joiner as and when. These people helped me get from India to Finland, and I am very very grateful for that.

I have brokered a joining date with Unity. I start on 7th November 2022.

How big of a dream is this coming true? I thought I wanted to work with Unity ever since I started making games in 2015. However, I found an old bookmark on chrome from 2010. It was this page:

This link doesn't even work. So, I wanted to go work for Unity even before I went to University. That is a dream 12 years in the making. It was so long ago that I even forgot I had this motivation so early on.

It would not have been possible without your blog and your course. The profiling courses were a big preparation for my interviews, and some of my interviewers were quite impressed to know about my knowledge of the profiling tools.

I hope you know how much of an impact your lessons have made on my life. It has made me believe that even childhood dreams come true, and that magic truly exists.

Lots and lots of love!

A powerful story for every game developer out there.

Mastering performance optimization gives you an unfair edge in job interviews. Sometimes performance mastery alone gets you hired. That’s what students tell me. And that’s what I experienced myself doing on-site interviews at studios like CD Projekt Red, Team17, Bossa and more. Always got questions on performance like:

  • Why exactly are shadows so expensive on mobile and what would you do to optimize them?
  • Can you point out in which hardware component does selecting a modern texture compression improve performance? And why?
  • Here’s a frame snapshot of our game, can you describe where the bottlenecks are and why? (solution: overdraw)
  • When & why would you choose deferred shading over forward rendering on mobile?

Giving a solid answer to performance questions will literally give you the job. And then you can either accept it or reject it, just like when I rejected a programming position at CD Projekt Red back in 2016.

I cover all these points in the Performance Taskforce membership. And many more. So if you are looking for a job, studying the material of the membership alone may get you hired.

As requested by the community, next month I’ll be hosting a step-by-step live modules on how to optimize your frame-rate to new heights. I’ll teach you the DO’s and DONT’s, as well as helping you on the spot if you have bottlenecks that give you nightmares.

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