February 10 2023

Ruben vs. Furious Barista @Starbucks

Two weeks ago, I came back from a “short” motorcycle trip.

I say “short”, but it felt like a 12-hour ride because it tasted like a juicy smoothie made of cold, icy & snowy roads.

Obviously, the cold in my bones was asking a hot drink. And so I wrongly stopped at a Starbucks on my way home.

I ordered a very specific drink: a Latte macchiato with almond milk (I don’t drink cow juice for like a decade).

After the lady prepared my drink I asked: “just to be sure, what drink did you prepare exactly?”

Her answer: “well, just try it out”.


I thought she was joking. But her face was dead serious. The barista refused to answer my very simple question even after several attempts, insisting that I should “just try it out”.

Asking if she would wipe the floor if I puked cow juice everywhere didn’t help either.

Long story short: I made a Ruben’s special scene & left a short review on GMaps: “They won’t tell you what they put in your drink”.

Stupid. Just stupid. Never tolerate (or worse, be) that sort of unprofessional employee.

Could you imagine me running my gamedev teams like that?

  • Game producer: “Hey Ruben, how is the crafting system implementation going?”
  • Ruben: “Dunno, just try it out. Oh, and I’ll make you another one if you don’t like it”

Not the sort of expert Unity development teams I build. Mostly because I don’t allow toxic devs to get anywhere close to me.

If your studio could use some help to make your vision happen —fast—, I can help you build your high-performing expert Unity team.

Just send me an email to have a chat.

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