October 19 2022

Are You Stuck Somewhere?

I talk to Unity developers of all levels regularly.

And I get the impression that many believe senior devs don’t get stuck.

Wrong. Seniors get stuck as well.

The difference is how seniors react. They just don’t run down the corridor yelling for help.

They don’t have to. Because they know they will eventually solve this. After all, they have gone through “getting stuck” many times in the past. So they know better than to do negative self talk.

When you get stuck, you will NOT enjoy that feeling of making zero progress. Especially when you are in the middle a deadline (like its name says, after that line there is only death).

In fact, I have seen entire projects get canceled and people let go when the team couldn’t solve critical challenges.

On the opposite side: when you finally remove roadblocks that initially seemed to thick to be destroyed… the team suddenly recharges its lost energy. And just like a spring, the lack of progress suddenly swings back with the full force of motivated employees.

That’s why I like to help developers and studios solve hard challenges.

Now we are just a couple of months before the end of 2022. Because I want you to have a strong end of year, you can get my help cheaper than ever. If you or your studio has a stubborn challenge to solve, you can book a chat with me or one of my consultants. We’ll help you remove these solid roadblocks that are preventing you from success.

You can apply for my help below:


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