The Unity Performance Taskforce gives you weekly lessons on:
  • [PRO] Become an efficient developer
  • [CPU] Optimize your gameplay & draw calls
  • [GPU] Better graphics — cheaper
  • [MEM] Lower memory usage, crashes, loading times, package size

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Unity Performance Posts

Introduction to The P3 Optimization Framework

You need a higher frame-rate... but how? Introduce yourself to the P3 Optimization Framework

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How to Use Occlusion Culling in Unity — The Sneaky Way

For those who never went through an occlusion culling tutorial in Unity... can you guess what's wrong in this game's indoors scene?

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Unity: Optimized Frame Pacing for Smooth Gameplay

If you want smoother gameplay in your Android game, then this post is for you. Let's see how Unity Optimized Frame Pace can help you.

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Profiling Can Now Be As Smooth As Silk

How to profile and work on the editor at the same time without affecting your results with the Unity Standalone Profiler

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The Game Performance Pillars: The Start of a Journey

What's going on with The Gamedev Guru? What can you expect in the upcoming months in the game performance scene? Let's see what I have planned for you...

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