April 05 2020

Unity Addressables: Learning Resources for 2020+

You probably heard how Unity addressables can help you optimize your Unity game: RAM usage, loading times, iteration times, content update with cloud storage…

But you might be confused about where to start learning Unity addressables.

That I understand.

There’s so much content out there on Unity addressables that it can feel overwhelmingat start.

To help you there, I compiled a list of resources to help you learn Unity addressables in 2020+.

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Here we go.

Introduction to Unity Addressables

If you are new to Unity Addressables, this section is for you.

Here, you’ll learn what the addressable assets package will do for your game before your users ditch your game due to huge loading times and memory crashes.

Written Resources:

Video Resources:

Addressables — Asset Type Specifics

If you’re having problems with specific asset types or you want to focus your efforts, this section is a good follow up.


Written Resources:


Written Resources:

Prefabs and Instances

Written Resources:

Video Resources:


Written Resources:


Written Resources:

Addressables — VR & AR Development

When I started with Addressables, I never thought I’d need to go as deep as to make VR and AR-specific content.

But I’m glad Satchell78 proved me wrong here 🙂

Video Resources:

Addressables — Cloud Content Update

One of the biggest benefits of Unity Addressables is that it enables you to improve your content iteration times dramatically.

Instead of making new full builds to update the assets of your game, you can just upload new asset bundles that your player will fetch. This makes the whole update process a breeze, and it is particularly helpful for engineering and selling your DLCs.

Microsoft Azure and PlayFab

Written Resources:

Video Resources:

Amazon AWS: S3

Written Resources:

Video Resources:


Written Resources:

Google Storage

Video Resources:


Addressables — Extras


Full courses that cover Unity Addressables for efficient game development:


The fastest path to gamedev success.

Rambling Stories

Have you come across other resources?

If so, let me know.


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